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Regulator Warns The Continued Threat of Asbestos

Regulator Warns The Continued Threat of Asbestos: Ensuring Safety and Compliance in Buildings

Despite being banned from construction over two decades ago, the regulators continues to warn about the threat of Asbestos. Today asbestos remains a significant health hazard lurking in buildings erected before 2000. This dangerous material, predominantly used during post-war construction, was fully prohibited in 1999 due to its severe health implications. However, the legacy of asbestos persists, threatening the safety of individuals in various public and private structures, from schools and hospitals to offices and factories.

Recognising this ongoing risk, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) recently launched a new campaign titled “Asbestos: Your Duty.” Unveiled on January 15, 2024, the initiative seeks to bolster the understanding of legal obligations surrounding asbestos management. The campaign specifically targets individuals and organisations responsible for maintaining premises built before the turn of the century—a period when asbestos use was rampant due to its affordability and resistance to fire and corrosion.

Asbestos poses no immediate risk if it remains undisturbed and properly contained. However, it becomes a grave hazard once it is damaged or disturbed during renovations, demolitions, or through wear and tear. When asbestos fibers are released into the air and inhaled, they can cause serious diseases, including asbestosis, lung cancer, and mesothelioma, which are often fatal.

This backdrop of risk underscores the critical need for a mandatory asbestos survey and an effective management plan in all affected buildings. The HSE has emphasised that the legal duty to manage asbestos encompasses a broad range of structures beyond commercial and industrial settings, including cultural venues like museums and places of worship.

The new HSE campaign provides updated resources to aid in compliance, including an asbestos management plan template and various explanatory videos available on their website. These tools are designed to help those in charge of building upkeep to understand their responsibilities and the steps required to mitigate exposure risks.

Moreover, the HSE plans to actively monitor compliance by inspecting various buildings such as schools and hospitals. These evaluations are intended to ensure that proper risk management protocols are in place and that they are followed meticulously to prevent asbestos exposure.

Sarah Albon, the Chief Executive of the HSE, stressed the importance of a proactive approach to managing asbestos. She highlighted that asbestos exposure continues to be the leading cause of work-related deaths in Great Britain due to its widespread use in the past. Albon called for a collective effort to foster a culture of safety and diligence, aiming to protect current employees and reduce future work-related illnesses.

asbestos-related diseases, Continued Threat of Asbestos

The legal requirements for asbestos management are clear: entities responsible for premises constructed primarily between 1950 and 1980 must conduct thorough inspections and understand their obligations under the law. Failure to comply not only endangers public health but also exposes organizations to significant legal and financial repercussions.

Businesses, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and other organizations must prioritize regular asbestos surveys and adhere to stringent management plans. These measures are vital for ensuring that asbestos is identified, contained, or safely removed to prevent any risk of exposure to occupants.

In conclusion, while asbestos use has been halted, its presence in older buildings continues to pose a significant health threat. The responsibility falls on building owners and managers to adhere to legal standards and undertake rigorous asbestos management practices. By doing so, they protect not only the health of the building’s occupants but also contribute to a broader public health goal of eradicating asbestos-related diseases. The HSE’s campaign serves as a crucial reminder and guide for these ongoing efforts, reinforcing the need for vigilance and compliance in managing the asbestos lurking in our midst.

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